Photo 101 Vol l

Photo 101 Vol l is the first volume in a series of three. In life we never know when inspiration and direction will be gifted to us, and by whom. American Photographer William Gedney was my mentor and influencer between the years of 1981-1984. He was my introduction to photography in my studies at Pratt Institute, where I graduated with a degree in photography and fine arts. I took every class with Bill, spending hours in the darkroom developing film and images. He taught me everything about how to use different format cameras, from a pinhole which we constructed in class, to a 4×5 and 8×10 box cameras. He educated classes in non silver photo processes, including platinum palladium as well as gum bichromate. William Gedney was a master craftsman at bookbinding and shared his knowledge and skills, giving even more tools, to provide support in our work for years to come. Photo 101 is a series of images selected from an archive of negatives taken during one of my first classes instructed by Bill, investigating light on the human form through the lens. I dedicate these volumes to his memory, and to the significant influences he made in the way I engage my art and photography.