Thank You Grace

In Loving Memory, Grace Knowlton

This is a story of a day with Grace Knowlton. We live in a spherical world, and Grace’s universe explored the sphere over her lifetime. As a family we have been inspired by Grace’s spheres at Storm King Art Center. My youngest daughter Milana began making Dorodango balls and wished to share one with Grace. While attending the Summer Solstice Celebration at Storm King Art Center My husband and I gifted Grace our daughter Milana’s ball. Grace was so taken by the gift, she invited us to come visit her at her home and art studio. She spent the day engaging Milana who was only eleven at the time, giving her a tour of her home and art studio. It turns out they had more in common than just making balls. Milana had a pet mouse she had saved when it was not much more than a few weeks old. Grace also had a pet mouse in her lifetime, they shared stories and giggled as they did. At the end of our visit Grace took Milana to the table that she keeps Milana’s ball that she made her. Next to Milana’s ball was a beautiful blue ball. Grace picked up that blue sphere, and explained to Milana that she would like her to have one of her balls. This day will be remembered forever and Grace’s ball graces our home. This Was a thank you we made for Grace in 2013. The photographs were taken by me, and the soundtrack written and performed by my oldest son Michaelangelo. We miss you Grace, thank you for all the inspiration!

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